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8 Signs That Couples Therapy Could Benefit Your Relationship

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Unfortunately, the social stigma around getting therapy prevents many struggling couples from getting the help that could tremendously improve their relationship.

Ignoring the issues when it’s time to face them can be detrimental to your relationship and wellbeing, but recognizing them and facing your feelings head on gives you and your partner an opportunity to work out concerns. Jessica Dubin, LCSW, will work with you and your partner to achieve collaborative communication and understanding towards each other.

Here are 8 signs your relationship could benefit from couples therapy:

1. A lack of trust: Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, but it’s easy for trust to slip or be breached, especially if the relationship started off with uncertainties in the first place. If you and your partner don’t feel like you’re on the same team, you may start to see the other as the enemy. Building or re-building trust can take time, but with the right support, it’s definitely possible.

2. Dishonesty and secrets: Lying and hiding important things from one another can lead to deeper issues down the road. And while everyone has the right to be independent and maintain privacy, it’s important you and your partner know who the other is spending time with, your finance updates, and each other’s daily whereabouts.

3. Resentment: Resentment can grow over time in relationships, which is why honesty is so important. Often what happens is that couples have unresolved issues that continue to come up, or they pretend everything is fine when it’s clear that it’s not. Being straightforward yet empathetic with each other is so important in these scenarios, which is a key aspect you will work on as a team in counseling.

4. Lack of communication: In general, not enough healthy communication can be the root of a lot of tension and frustration between partners. In therapy, Jessica Dubin, LCSW, can work on ways you can have healthy, honest conversations with your partner.

5. Thoughts of having or already having an affair: If you’re seriously considering having an affair or are having one already, it’s clear there is something you feel is lacking in your relationship, and you and your partner should seek counseling immediately to focus on these concerns.

6. Living separate lives: While maintaining independence can benefit and even strengthen relationships, living completely separate lives from one another is just avoiding a deeper issue and can lead to distrust and even more problems down the road. Confronting what the real issues are is the first step in getting back to the same companionship you previously had.

7. Constant fighting: Every couple gets into arguments and bickering. But repetitive, spiteful fights about the same thing can lead to each person feeling like the other is their enemy. It’s so important for couples to feel like they’re on the same team. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to communicate, and with the right support, you and your partner can learn and work out the deeper issues with Jessica.

8. A big life change: You don’t need to be struggling in your relationship to get therapy, despite what you see in movies and TV shows. Couples who are about to get married, have a baby, move cities, or simply want to build and maintain a loving, trusting relationship can certainly benefit from counseling.

Jessica can help you understand what to expect and give you guidance on how to navigate issues that may rise. Jessica Dubin, LCSW, is a practiced psychotherapist serving the greater Chicago area. She believes in creating a safe place for each individual to uncover their truths and seek healing. Her mission is to empower her patients and leave them knowing they can find relief, comfort and joy in their lives and relationships.

To schedule a therapy session with Jessica, visit her website and get in touch today.

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