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Hi. I'm Jessica.

My curiosity for why people do what they do, desire for change in the world and wanting to find ways to help those around me is what drew me to the field of social work. Being a part of people's journeys and witnessing the change that can happen in people's lives is ultimately what solidified my choice to pursue my path to becoming a therapist. My career has allowed me the opportunity to combine several of my interests and passions--supporting others, fostering deep connections, cultivating curiosity and empowering growth and change. There is nothing I’d rather do with my life and I consider myself so fortunate to do this work!

I received my Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Past experiences and training in psychiatric and medical social work have also given me the opportunity to work in diverse clinical settings, including outpatient psychiatric care, oncology, youth counseling, hospice and family medicine.


I believe there is a spectrum of reasons why an individual explores the option of therapy. While some come to therapy after experiencing an intense challenge or struggle, others may come to navigate more common everyday life challenges. Everyone needs extra support managing difficulties sometimes, and I believe therapy can provide space to better understand ourselves, achieve our goals and feel empowered in our life. Working with a therapist can be liberating, and for some, it means opening up for the first time about family concerns, relationships, long-held secrets, traumas, habits, limitations, fears and other personal challenges. As a therapist, part of my role is to help you connect with your best self, challenge the thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back, and develop new paradigms and skills that support you at your best. 

In my years of practicing this work and seeing the bravery and growth of my clients through collaborative communication and understanding, I'm confident that no problem is too great to overcome. Through therapy, there is always a way to address the issues you face, and you no longer need to face them alone.

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